Mark Your BALLS and You Might Get LUCKY!



As the old Golf saying goes, “I would rather be lucky than good any day!” 


Darren Clarke chooses to mark his Golf balls with the 3 leaf clover tactic which seems to take the luck out of it.  Since Darren is a PRO, we are going to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him do what works for him.  With that said, the rest of the world’s golfers still need something that may occasionally help their ball bounce off a tree in a fairway, catch a cartpath to add 50 yards to their distance, or even skull a shot around the green to have it smack the pin and land 1 foot away for a tap in (I’ve personall experience this one).  BUT how does a golfer work toward getting this kind of luck???

Pray to the Golf Gods?

Cuss like a sailor?

Snap a wedge over his or her knee?


NO NO NO – the answer is SIMPLE.  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day on Monday, we reccommend that all Golfers heading out mark their ball with the 4 LEAF CLOVER method.  Although it is not a proven method, this will be sure to give you false hope that you can save a stroke or two thanks to a a certain Sharpie mark on your ball.  As golfers, we all try crazy unorthodox methods so why not put on your green polo and nickers (ok maybe not nickers) and mark up your ball with some Irish Pride?  Throw a green beer or two in your cart and your Golf luck is bound to change.




Enjoy and the weekend and festivities – Be safe and swing away!




iDealGolfer – The Golf Club at Champions Circle


If you are located in the Ft. Worth area this daily deal is definitely worth a purchase.  Since we are local to the other side of the metroplex it is a bit of a drive.  I have had the chance to play a tournament and a regular round at Champions Circle and the course usually doesn’t dissappoint.


Dallas Divot Report is not affiliated at all with iDealGolfer, but we do like to spread the golf discounts to our followers to take advantage.  If you are aware of any other golf daily deal sites that cater to DFW please let us know.


To purchase this deal from iDealGolfer you can visit the deal right here:

Trinity Forest Golf Course – In Progress

If you haven’t heard, the Byron Nelson will no longer be at the TPC Four Seasons in Las Colinas come 2019. Instead, the City of Dallas has partnered with AT&T and Southern Methodist University to bring the Byron inside city limits. Only problem is that all the open land in Dallas is South of downtown. So where is the new course being built? Check out the maps below to get a better feel for the location. Looks like there is a horse park as well, so if you like to ride after your round by all means.




Fog Delay

Playing in or around Dallas this morning? Prepare to be delayed getting to the course and getting off on the course. I’m betting there are some backups across the metroplex on the first tee. But then again, if you are teeing off right now on a Monday, we don’t feel sorry for you. Have a good week.


Reed Wins and Tiger Sees Red

Texas’ own Patrick Reed chose to take on some of the PGA’s best golfers wearing his Sunday best. What was the 23-year-old wearing down the stretch? With the exception of height, athletic build, race, and brand, Patrick Reed almost looked identical to Tiger in his red shirt and black pants.

When asked about his Sunday outfit here is what Patrick had to say, “The best player ever to live when I was growing up wore black pants, a red shirt.”


Impressive 3rd PGA Tour win for him, and it must have been even more impressive for him to win it in HIS Sunday red, not Tiger’s red.

New Owner at Prestonwood CC


News broke this week that ClubCorp has taken over ownership of both Prestonwood Country Club courses. I was lucky to play both courses several times over the past two years, and I can say that it was time for a new owner and a face lift. Prestonwood has been a staple in the North Dallas area, but they are starting to get behind compared to the other private clubs in the area.

ClubCorp should do a solid upgrade to both courses and bring Prestonwood back to its glory. The North Dallas clubhouse needs a huge facelift, with a new pool and more amenities for the guests. As far as the Plano course, the clubhouse and pool is very comparable to a public neighborhood course.

I’m interested to see what happens in the end because both courses truly are GREAT! With upgrades to the outside and other cosmetic issues, I’m excited to get out and play the new facilities once they are completed.

Is anyone a member at Prestonwood? I’m interested to hear your excitement/disappointment to the new changes.

Back out in 2014


Stevens Park in Dallas is always guaranteed for great views and decent golf. In early March the course still hasn’t started to turn green, but the lush landscape will be here before we know it. I would definitely recommend trying this course which is 5 minutes from downtown Dallas. Has anyone played at Stevens Park before and what do you think?